Cinnabar Peak Metallurgical Coal Project

CinnabarPeak Metallurgical Coal Project is located in Peace River coalfield in Northeastern B.C In 2013 Centerpoint obtains 10 coal licenses total 130 km2 .It covers an area just west of the Kailuan Dehua property .The southern region has hosted large scale coal mining since 1982. The deposit is readily accessible by a major road, and has ready access to electric power, natural gas and water. The center of the deposit is located 110 km west of the City of Fort St. John, an industrial centre for oil and natural gas, forestry and agriculture. The city benefits from excellent access to infrastructure and is located on the Alaska (Pan- American) Highway and the Canadian National Railway, and also hosts a major regional airport.

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Cinnabar Peak Metallurgical Coal Project

Coal Resources

The deposit will be mined by underground method using long wall and room and pillar.

Coal resources at a thickness 1.3 metres or greater will have huge potential, but need further exploration.

Coal Quality


Ash (%)

Sulphur (%)


<8%, desirable in a

clean coal product